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The publishing world is filled with professionals that engage in one or two specialties. A select few have spent their lives deeply engaged at all levels. Lyvers is one of those humble few that know how to take almost any project and transform it into magic. Whether you are writing fiction, nonfiction, or your personal memoirs, you can trust Glenn Lyvers to make your words come to life. 

What sells? What kinds of writing prompt readers to leave great reviews? What causes a reader to recommend a book to someone else? What causes a reader to buy a book from someone they never heard of? This is the business of publishing professionals. Who do you want working for you?

Lyvers is a man who is deeply-rooted in the literary community. He has a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t. Lyvers has wore many hats: book publicist, book editor, copy editor, poetry editor, fiction editor, scout and publicist, all the way to masthead at a publishing house where he oversees a book publishing platform, journal publishing, and an international chapbook series. As an award-winning poet, writer, and publishing professional for many years, dozens of writers have trusted Lyvers with their most trusted words. 

Ghostwriting is more than proofreading or simple editing. Lyvers will actually rewrite select portions of your work, making it flow in your style. After reading your work with close attention to detail, Lyvers creates transitions between ideas and paragraphs so that they seamlessly flow in your voice. He recognizes your vocabulary, cadence, and other details. With these in mind, Lyvers rewrites your manuscript in a way that feels familiar to even your closest friends. Your readers will never know you didn’t write the finished product.

With your permission, Lyvers will make necessary cuts while adding interesting, researched facts and details for verisimilitude; the resulting work reads like prose. Your words will transform into flowing artwork that dances on the page, engaging the reader and impressing your fans.  

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Money-back Guarantee: Payment for ghostwriting services is made in advance. If you are not fully satisfied with Glenn Lyvers’s ghostwriting services after the first chapter has been completed, you can cancel the services and pay only for the first chapter’s word-count at the rates stated above. After the first chapter has been accepted, no refunds will be offered.

We do not accept projects under 10,000 words.


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