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I still love this camera. These sample images (link below) are shot using the Canon 40D. This rig comes with a professional grip and a 4 Gig! memory card. Transfer card included. You can shoot photos for hours without a recharging. Battery charger and 2 batteries are included. No camera strap is included because I misplaced it. Straps are super cheap.

The camera has been professionally cleaned and tested. I’m selling the camera and accessories (no lenses) for $200. I am willing to sell the lens I used for the sample images (link below) for an additional $85 (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens). The Lens by itself is $125 if you want one. Contact me if you are interested in buying the whole package, camera and lens with accessories mentioned. ($285). 

Fair disclosure, you might find a better price if you search the web. If you know me, you know this particular camera was very well taken care of, maintained, and it works very well. I will accept returns if you mail it back in the same condition within 10 days of delivery.

These test images (link below) were shot today using full automatic mode. Just point and shoot. I did not want to showcase professionally edited images that I hand-composed and shot manually. That would not be fair to you. I did not even adjust the tone or white balance. That’s not going to be the experience of someone who buys this inexpensive camera and is not a professional. You can fully expect to get images as good or better than the samples below with no experience. The lens I used for the sample images was the cheapest lens you can buy, a 50mm kit lens. No zoom or wide-angle shots, no image stabilizer or attached filters, just a cheap plastic fixed lens. No gimmicks. If you grab a lens, even a cheap one, you will get these results, and probably much better right away.

More on the sample images below: I shot a few frames inside with low light, and outside into the sun (was overcast today though), I also picked a few black areas so you can see how it handles deep-blacks with ease.

This truly is a great camera. The studio gear has gotten much better and I upgrade my gear every few years, but new studio replacements cost thousands of dollars. Because this is a little older, the price for this beauty is low. This was one of the best cameras available, but electronics are improved upon every year and older gear loses value like crazy. I hope someone will enjoy this camera, and get many more years of enjoyment from it.

Lower Quality Preview Gallery is Below For Convenience.

Be sure to check the full sized images using the link above to see the actual quality without any editing.

Just to dispel the biggest objection people have to this rig,.. This camera is older and shoots 10MP sized pictures. It is excellent at saving them in JPEG too. I would not get too hung up on the 10MP size unless you plan to print huge photos like poster-sized prints. A camera can say it is 100MP and be junk, or 8MP and be great. It’s not just the MP rating / sensor size that matters. A great quality 10MP camera will do anything most people actually need. Any of the images above could be printed as an 8X10 and look great on the wall or in a frame.

Please only U.S. Buyers. 

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