Momma had said she was coming,
momma had said he was dear,
momma had lost her way home,
momma had said not to fear.

The words they came to him softly,
the words they came to him light,
the words he slowly recited,
when he lay his head down at night.

The doctors said he was dumb,
his hands were large and kind,
a bump on the head made him slow,
forever with mom on his mind.

Momma had said she was coming,
momma had said he was dear,
momma would never have left me,
in his slow mind this was clear.

Each day would come and go,
each year would pass too quick,
momma she didn’t come back,
maybe his momma got sick.

Toy soldiers and playthings got withered,
his hands were now wrinkled with time,
his reflection went grey and tattered,
then his eyes went clear and blind.

His body grew old and tired,
his mind would always be slow,
the days were now just a burden,
one by one his friends had to go,

He felt for his momma one morning,
his mind finally said he’s alone,
momma would never come back,
momma would never come home.

That night he wept for his momma,
the angels they gathered near,
Momma had said she was coming,
Momma had said he was dear.

Seraph wings carried him lightly,
the way they carry the kind,
angels wiped off his tears,
and cleared the fog from his mind.

A voice cried out to meet him,
a voice he remembered so clear,
Momma is coming my baby,
Momma is coming my dear.