Amidst the Alleghenies’ embrace, where rivers merge and stories unfold,
Johnstown awakens, adorned in the hues of liberty’s light,
A town reborn, resilient, its spirit unbroken, its heart full of pride.

The Conemaugh River glistens, reflecting skies of freedom’s dawn,
Its journey tells of strength and perseverance, a current of unyielding resolve,
Through valleys rich with history, through landscapes shaped by time and toil.

On this July Fourth, the air is filled with patriotic cheer,
Flags flutter, a symphony of red, white, and blue, unity in every wave,
Fireworks ascend, painting the night with bursts of independence and hope.

Green parks bloom with festivity, a town renewed in spirit,
Summer’s embrace sings renewal, just as Johnstown’s spirit is renewed,
Trails weave through forests, where the echoes of freedom’s anthem resonate.

The community gathers, breathing life into traditions old and new,
Festivals bring art, music, joy and tales of shared heritage,
Hands clasp in celebration, preserving today, shaping tomorrow.

Artists burst vibrant and free, a blend of creative expressions,
Capturing the dreams of a town steadfast and brave,
Creativity thrives, a beacon of independence, forged in the crucible of hope.

Here, past and present harmonize, a mosaic of courage and dreams,
Each piece a testament to fortitude, to the spirit of July Fourth reborn,
Johnstown, you are a canvas of resilience, a manifestation of enduring freedom.

Your people, a chorus of history and hope, each voice a tribute,
To floods overcome, to renewal embraced, to futures imagined,
In the Alleghenies’ heart, you rise, ever steadfast, ever free,
On this Independence Day, Johnstown, you are the best of America.

~Glenn Lyvers