Family Movies Now Available to Download

Dear Beloved Family and Friends,

As the holiday season wraps us in its nostalgic embrace, I’m thrilled to share a heartwarming update that has been a labor of love. I’ve carefully curated and made available copies of the Geifing movies, a delightful treasure trove of memories. Most certainly, the Geifings are the heroes of this story. Still, it feels good to be a small part of it.

The journey to share these timeless films with our extended family has been a sentimental one, filled with both challenges and triumphs. It was no small feat to bring the Geifing magic to your screens, and I can’t help but reflect on the journey that brought us here.

Uncle Carl and many others held the small camera that took these reels. And Paul Geifing had the forethought to contribute time and money to digitizing the works. What a blessing.

Paul’s brother, Carl, and I worked together to transfer these precious files from his laptop to my server in the heart of New York. When the first movie graced my webserver, I couldn’t resist sharing the joy on Facebook. Little did I anticipate the overwhelming response, as a wave of eager viewers flooded the link, creating a bandwidth surge.

Realizing the potential problems of high server loads, I sought a more sustainable solution by investing in a streaming service, establishing a cozy home for the movies on my website ( Yet, my deepest desire was to place these cinematic gems directly into the hands of each family member, allowing them to hold onto the magic as cherished downloads on their personal devices.

To do this without adding server loads to my company servers, I secured a new dedicated web server exclusively for the Geifing movies. Configuring a new system by installing FTP utilities and Apache webserver took time and patience but the result is a space where our family can revisit these treasures with ease.

In navigating this process, my intention was clear – to offer this gift respectfully, steering clear of platforms like YouTube that might exploit or commercialize these precious memories–while also emphasizing that the collection belongs to all of us. No claims of ownership are made; instead, this gift from the Geifings is a collective legacy.

You can enjoy these heartwarming films at any time on my website: However, if you yearn to own a personal copy, the entire collection is now ready for download at our dedicated server:

As we immerse ourselves in glimpses of our past, I’m filled with gratitude for the love that presently binds us as family. What a wonderful blessing it is to share in these moments, to witness the laughter and joy echoing through the years. I love you all dearly, and I hope the warmth of these films adds a special touch to your holiday festivities.

Merry Christmas 2023! Be sure to thank the Geifings when you see them. This is, after all, a gift from their hearts to ours.

Love, Glenn


In the green of San Francisco’s
Central Park, a 50 year old man
on a bench looks hard at a
teenager bent over to drink
from a fountain. He disengages
with a confidence, consuming
yellow crackers.

Teenagers understand it,
that they are being surveyed—
and they are not angry.
They are always half-aware
that they have been loosed
into the primal world
where their young bodies
are used to sell picture frames.
They are eager to be safe,
to be locked inside cages.

In Ireland, there is a hillside,
green with sweet grasses,
reflected perfectly
in a winding river.
White sheep dot the green
field like pasty cotton
clouds dot the blue sky.
A brilliant white wolf leans
down, mouthing the grass,
slowly inching toward a lamb.
In the river’s reflection, it all looks
the same.