History’s sacredness

In ancient temples,
Carved stories of bygone days,
Whisper through the stones.

War echoes remain,
Scarred fields hold forgotten tales,
Ghosts of battles past.

Time’s river flowing,
History’s secrets unfold,
Unveiling the past.

Lost civilizations,
Buried beneath the ages,
Whispering their tales.

Through the pages turn,
Lives etched in ink, memories,
Echo in our hearts.

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Mother Sends a Dog

Fog hems the ocher backwater
like hoar frost on Georgia clay —
as the lodestar fades
against the breaking of a wailing sky,
rare winter lightning
flashes against a sea of granite
flags — the broken rear guard.

We are instant saints, lifting mother’s
ornate box — our scuffling boots
mimic the sound of dragging a mime
to the cadence of father’s walking stick,
its distant tapping calling her home —

a moment too solemn, too discreet.

Then suddenly a red dog appears
running wildly between tombstones,
its body pulsing to the rhythm
of its sagging tongue, and a girl
no more than seven kneels
with a glass of water, smiling
as the irreverent dog drinks loudly.

©2023 Glenn Lyvers

Sands hold mysteries.

Golden fields of wheat,
France whispers sweet melodies,
Love in every bite.

Cherry blossoms bloom,
Japan’s ancient artistry,
Nature’s poetry.

Ancient pyramids,
Egypt’s secrets carved in stone,
Whispers of the past.

Vibrant colors dance,
India’s joyful chaos,
Soulful celebration.

Snow-capped peaks stand tall,
Switzerland’s pristine beauty,
Nature’s masterpiece.

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Ocean’s laughter roars.

In the lush meadow,
Butterflies dance with delight,
Nature’s gentle breath.

Graceful gazelles leap,
Through the golden savannah,
Freedom in their stride.

A wise owl perched high,
Eyes glowing with ancient tales,
Silent observer.

In the depths below,
Whales sing their haunting songs,
Mysteries unfold.

Crimson feathers soar,
Phoenix’s rebirth in flight,
Hope ignited anew.

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Nature’s sacred hymn.

A gentle breeze blows,
Leaves dance in a waltz of gold,
Autumn’s sweet embrace.

Sunrise paints the sky,
Colors melt into the lake,
Nature’s masterpiece.

Whispering of trees,
Their branches reach for the sky,
Secrets in the wind.

Raindrops on petals,
Nature’s tears on fragile blooms,
Life’s sweet fragility.

Mountains touch the clouds,
Silent giants in the mist,
Nature’s ancient strength.

This was generated by artificial intelligence. Spooky isn’t it!